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Visiting the PA Grand Canyon.
The PA Grand Canyon    Saturated with natural beauty, the scenic wonders of the PA Canyon draw visitors from near and far, stepping away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and retreating to the serenity of the Pine Creek Gorge. From easy to aggressive terrain for hiking and biking, to boating on the mighty pine creek, The Grand Canyon of PA offers a host of outdoor adventures. Or perhaps it's sightseeing and some much needed rest and relaxation you are seeking. That is here too, in great abundance.

Put on your walking shoes, load up the bicycles and bring the whole gang to enjoy some pedal pumping and hiking on the Pine Creek Rail Trail. The path is constructed on the old railroad grade that follows along Pine Creek through the PA Grand Canyon. A gentle grade makes for enjoyable travel along this scenic wonderland. Change into your hiking boots and you're ready to explore miles of backwoods mountain trails in and around the Canyon area.

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What is the best time of year to visit the PA canyon? Many would say that it is during the fall foliage, when colors of red, orange and yellow paint the landscape. This is certainly a wonderful and exceptionally beautiful time for a visit, but each season holds its own special beauty. The new budding growth and bubbling waters of spring; green trees and blue skies, and the sounds and sights of vibrant life in summer; the silent tranquility, majestic ice and fun snow of winter. No single season can hold all the splendors of the PA Grand Canyon.