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Springtime in the PA Grand Canyon.
Visit Tioga county Pennsylvania in the springtime, and you'll have a chance to watch the PA Grand Canyon wake up from a long winters nap. The melt away of the ice and snow brings cool bubbling water to the springs that feed the mighty Pine Creek.

Springtime boating in the Pine Creek Gorge.

The popular Pine Creek Rail Trail that travels the entire length of the PA Grand Canyon, allows hikers and bicyclers alike to gain access to this wondrous wilderness. And sightseers can enjoy grand vista views from either the Colton Point or Leonard Harrison Park.
Winter melt off in the SpringtimeLike a glacial melt off, the tiny trickles turn to singing streams of fresh spring runoff. The water levels rise and life in the PA Canyon renews itself again. The symphony of songbirds and the cacophony of roaring rapids are part of the soundscape formed in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in springtime. The sights and sounds, and the pure, fresh springtime air invigorate the soul.

As the meltoff releases waters to the Pine Creek Gorge, boaters unite for an exciting trip through the PA Grand Canyon. Pine Creek travels throughout the entire PA canyon and provides visitors with an adventurous boating experience.

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Let your eyes explore the steep canyon walls and you may discover that in a tall pine treetop rests a local bald eagle awaiting your gaze. This national symbol of great strength and power is a fitting sight in this great gorge, echoing the mighty majesty of the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.