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Boating in the PA Grand Canyon
The PA Grand Canyon is host to thousands of visitors each year, many who come specifically to enjoy a float trip on the Pine Creek water trail. A great gorge, the PA Grand Canyon displays many scenic wonders that can be viewed while canoeing, kayaking or rafting on miles of Pine Creek water trail. From Galeton to Ansonia, to Blackwell.

Rafting in the Pine Creek Gorge.

Starting a float trip at the popular Big Meadows area in Ansonia, provides a good launching spot along with sufficient parking. This area is at the head of the PA Canyon. Higher water levels are generally experienced in the springtime when Pine Creek is fed by winter melt off, but depending on Mother Nature, the float trip may also be experienced other times of the year. Be certain to check local conditions and to wear proper safety and flotation gear.

CLICK HERE to check PINE CREEK water level Pine Creek water levels can change often. A river level of about 2.5 to 3.5 ft is what most boaters will be looking for. Water is often cold, so wear a neoprene wetsuit or other proper gear to maintain warmth. Consult a pro if you are unsure.

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