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PA Grand Canyon Wagon Ride.

     Everyone loves a wagon ride through the Canyon. Kids, families and groups can enjoy a covered wagon ride through one of Pennsylvania's most scenic wonderlands. Led by a beautiful team of majestic horses the large covered wagon travels along Pine Creek and the Pine Creek Rail Trail.

Tour through the PA Grand Canyon on a Horse Drawn Covered Wagon.

     You will travel into the pristine wilderness that is a national natural landmark. Looking up you'll see the Steep Canyon walls and cliffs.

     From the editor :   Just like catching a glimpse of a bald eagle, I love seeing the wagon travel through the canyon. It is a magnificent craft drawn by team of Hardy horses. It helps to promote and maintain a sense of the days gone by, of a simpler timeā€¦ A time of family and friends and Adventures that didn't involve a handheld electronic device.

Visit the PA Grand Canyon.
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     Scheduled rides are announced through the season and individuals, couples, groups, etc., are all are welcome to participate. The large canvas covered wagon has padded seats and can accommodate a large group of sightseers.

PA Grand Canyon Covered Wagon ride

      You can call the Covered Wagon folks at 570-724-7443