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     It makes good sense to visit the Lake and Wine Region a few miles north of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. A fun weekend spent poking about the sites would not want to be devoid of this whimsical sojourn...Perhaps a Wine tasting with beautiful Lake views?
     Here in the Finger Lakes you'll find great wine, great food, great scenery, friendly people, and lots of swill to savor.

NY State Finger Lakes Wine region just North of The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

      From the editor: The excitement of travel and the opportunity to discover is a passion. I never tire of exploring the Lake and Wine region just north of us here at the PA Grand Canyon...

     ...I encourage visitors coming through Wellsboro, PA to take in some of our landmark sites, such as the views from Leonard Harrison State Park and walking / biking The Pine Creek Rail Trail,

Seneca Lake is part of the New York State Finger Lakes Wine Region.

     ...ALSO to visit the nearby Lake and Wine Region of New York State. It is a short drive from the PA Canyon area to the Lake and Wine Region. From Mansfield it’s less than an hour. You can also pass through Corning on the way, spend the night or just take a stroll down Market Street to explore the local glass artistry.

Seneca Lake Wine Trail.
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     Travel planning couldn't be easier. This trip is perfect for a romantic getaway or for a family vacation. Perhaps start with a couple days in the PA Canyon area, then an afternoon /evening at the midway point in Corning NY, and then a couple days to explore the Wine Trail. Looking for vacation fun? You'll find ample enticement throughout the Lake and Wine region.
     Planning a Romantic weekend? You may have just found the answer to marital bliss and couple sustainability. You might agree that historically nothing has stirred Romance better than Wine. So, here’s your sign.

Wine Tour Fun

     From the editor: If you're planning a family trip, your kids might enjoy the same things that ours have on this journey. Our stops have always included the go-kart racetrack, Dad really enjoys this, and the miniature golf found at the top of the hill before entering Watkins Glen, at the Southern point of Seneca Lake. From town you can hike the Glen, ride on Captain Bill's Boat or travel a few blocks to Lakeside Park. This is a fun place to go wading and swimming in Seneca Lake, or to take your kayaks to play. And of course I'm sure you'll be reminded as I always have been, that the day isn't complete without a trip to the ice cream shop.

     Thinking about your next week off? Planning a vacation? Charting out your next adventure? Come join us along with explorers from around the World and celebrate some of the treasures of the Northeastern United States, found here in Northern Pennsylvania and Southern New York State. Whether you're a newcomer or amongst the fellow veteran travelers, it's time to get off the couch, pack the suitcase and get out the door.

     The area offers a wide range of recreation, attractions, adventue and just plain fun. Come join us at the Lake and Wine region.

Seneca Lake Wine Trail starting from Watkins Glen NY.