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PA Grand Canyon Hiking.

     The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is a hiker's Paradise. Famously referred to as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, and scientifically known as the Pine Creek Gorge area of Pennsylvania, it is a must-do for avid hikers and nature lovers. The area’s most celebrated and publicized Trail, the Pine Creek Rail Trail, is a converted Railroad Bed that allows hikers to have an easy walk through the PA canyon along Pine Creek. This is a low impact trail with only a slight grade and it is handicap accessible.

Hiking in the PA Grand Canyon

     From The Overlook area at Leonard Harrison State Park visitors can access the Overlook Trail, a .6-mile loop that travels to the edge of the canyon at Otter View Overlook. Also, the Turkey Path, a 1-mile well-developed steep trail that descends to the canyon floor. Here you will find Pine Creek and the Pine Creek Rail Trail.

As always, check trail conditions and weather before attempting this or any hike or bike ride, and wear proper clothing.

     From the editor :   The Pine Creek Rail Trail is our canyon's most used and enjoyed. You can almost hear the echo of the last trains that rolled through the Gorge. I never tire of this scenic wonderland. Whether you are hiking or riding your mountain bike, I can't recommend this journey enough.

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     The Explorer's among us will have a fabulous time discovering the many Backwoods hiking trails that The PA Grand Canyon / Pine Creek Gorge area offers. The Black Forest Trail, a 42-mile trek, travels through both the Tiadaghton State Forest and the Tioga State Forest. Hikers get a one of a kind perspective of the Canyon area’s backcountry.

     And if you want to discover the Pennsylvania Grand Canyons cache of Backcountry views, then you will want to follow the west rim trail. This 30 miler is a rugged, must do hike If you're looking for the real Canyon experience.
( MAP PDF - West Rim Trail )

     The more extensive Mid-State Trail travels through parts of 5 State Forest areas
and the Susquehannock Trail System is also nearby.

     There are many options for short hikes/ day hikes. These smaller side trails can be accessed throughout the Canyon/ Gorge area. The trails serve well for shorter, day hikes and some of these seldom-used hiking trails are certainly worth discovering.
This is trail map that is a downloadable image file/map that shows many of the PA Grand Canyon area hiking trails.
PA Grand Canyon Hiking Trails