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Hershey Park roller coaster ride.
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Storm Runner   Skyrush
Great Bear   Lightning Racer
SooperDooperLooper   Wildcat
Wild Mouse   Sidewinder
Coal Cracker   Chocolate World

The most fun we have ever had! The 5 of us spent four days and even with a 7,8 and 10 year old, it wasn't long enough. We will be back next year. You'll find me at the water slide. tg
Hershey Chocolate World characters.

What a great time. The kids had an absolute blast. We stayed close to the park and made a long weekend out of the trip. We spent three days, had a great time, ate well, and still managed to stay under budget. Awesome!ar
Hershey Park water slide ride.

World Famous Hershey Chocolate Kisses.

Hershey Park rides.